By telling another person's story and digging into their personality and environment you are adapting to documentary. You can collaborate with them and tell your story through your subject. Maybe you share the same interests, maybe you went through the same things while growing up and through that, you find your subject to work with. That is documentary - but it’s also fiction. From what I understand from fiction methodology you create a scene that shows your ideas and you as a maker bring them to life. They come from ​you​, not necessarily from the real world.I aspire to collaborate with my subjects. Telling our stories together. Identity making and being young is what has my interest at the moment. Maybe because that’s what is surrounding me in my everyday life. To me it is interesting to go with people and see what paths they choose (if they can), socially, individually, and culturally. It is all a part of shaping identities, I’m always curious about the individual. I want to show ​them​ and stand by ​them​.
In the future I see myself becoming a teacher. I have through 3 years now been taught by very exciting and talented people and I understand the power of teaching, talking, giving, and getting feedback and to be able to inspire. I admire this so much. I also want to travel with my medium and make projects around the world both in residencies and try to settle down for a while in different countries where the stories I want to tell exists.
If I should refer to a practice I would like to have it would be Lauren Greenfields. She has been working with a very specific theme but with different subjects in regard to it. I find this very inspiring because of her research and her curiosity towards the topic “Wealth” and “Girlhood”. In the end they get conjoined and show one huge generation of both girlhood and wealth in one big exhibition and project called “Generation Wealth”. She works with both films and photography as a director and photographer. This is exactly what I want to do. I don’t want to limit myself in regards to my medium.