In my practice as an artist curiosity is everything. Everyone has something to tell, or something to give. It’s just a matter of giving them the chance to do so. It’s a matter of communication and daring to go close - even when it’s difficult.

I didn’t experience to get friends and close relations until I was around 18. I guess I was looking for the wrong community before finding the right ones to move around in. When I experienced finding the people who understood me, I felt a shift in shaping my identity as a being, but also as a photographer. This is what shaped my eye and my interest for how I am working today.

I love to feel that they let me.
That the boundaries and lines between us are blurred and that we together in a collaboration are creating something that we both can stand by.
I am in my images as much as the subject I am directing and photographing. We mirror each other in each others mistakes, movements and personalities. Together in a collaboration we create an atmosphere that is safe, secure and filled with trust.
I will dare to say that I am a brave photographer and director, because I am curious.
Curiosity concurs fear.